"Mind to soul you taught me to see people" to Betty

With the click of a button the ticket was purchased. I raced to the airport. My heart was beating outside of my chest,  palms sweaty. I knew in my race  to get to you that this was my last chance. 

I was alone with my thoughts. My memories were piling, one on top of the other.   

Where would I begin...

How would I tell you that you were my hero. How would I ever express my unending gratitude to you. You were a blessing, a light in my life. 

You looked at me in a way that no one else did. You smiled at me with dancing eyes. I hung the moon in those eyes. 

You rescued me every summer. You brought me to safety. You pulled me into those loving, gentle arms and told me everything was going to be alright. You cried with me. You laughed with me. You danced with me. You encouraged me. You sang to me. You calmed me. You told me over and again how much they loved me. 

I could see you painting. I could see you painting right there in that stupid airport.

I could feel your hands on mine. You were teaching me the motions. You inspired me. You sat with me.  With a soft voice you taught me gently. Painting, drawing, art…you taught me to create with my heart. You taught me that life is about creating. You challenged me to create, you warned me about taking.... about sucking life.  

You taught me to look deeper. You taught me to see beyond the surface. 

Fingers to heart, you taught me how to create. Mind to soul you taught me to see people. 

My whisper every night was to you. My quiet call for rescue was to you. 

You taught me that God is a loving God and that He was always listening.  

Panicked. One layover turned into two layovers. Day turned into night. 

I just wanted to sit with you. I just wanted to breath with you. People were swirling around me in that airport. I could feel the vacuum of life pulling in every direction. 

She picked me up at my final destination. She revealed to me how sick you were. She explained that it came quickly like a thief. 

I walked through the front door in slow motion. I hugged them all in slow motion. I put up my bags in slow motion.

She sadly called my name, "Danielle"….with her simple expression I knew you were gone.

Just like that, breathless. 

Through the tears, I caught my breath  and whispered to you. I whispered to you like I had so many times before. I called out to you for rescue. I cried out for His rescue to you. 

I pretended that you were holding me with those soft gentle arms again. Minutes turned to an hour. I shared my grief with them. We all grieved together holding every inch of you. We cried together. 

We helped him dress you. We prepared you. They came for you. 

In the quiet of so many nights I still whisper to you. In the stillness I continue to call out for your rescue.

When I create, I continue to feel your motions.  

 I am forever grateful for you and I love you with my whole heart Betty Hicks.

You were and allows will be my first village. 

With Love,